Living Room Tables Are a Great Design Accent For Your Home

Best Living Room Tables for 2018

Furniture shopping can be tiring and tedious. It’s often hard to find the right pieces for your space, and in the motif that your home interior design embraces. The best and most versatile pieces of furniture to buy are ones that are multi-purpose such as the living room table.   One can use a living room table to display pictures, display decor, be used to hold drinks, be used to display books and magazines.  As you can see with the options you have, making the right choice of the best living room tables for your space is essential to your design.

The living room is one of the busiest rooms in the home. It’s important that your furniture and style is functional, as well as stylish. If you have a big family, or often have guests over you might want to consider a large living room or coffee table. It can provide extra storage,  offer a place for you or your guests to rest your beverages.  The functionality is great, and they’re also becoming a style trademark for living room in your home.

If you’re going to commit to buying an expensive piece of furniture, you should absolutely love it. Buying the right piece, can potentially leave you with having the furniture for years and years to come if a quality piece is chosen. Look for a furniture piece that serves different functions.  You will then be able to utilize it often, and appreciate its value constantly. Ultimately, you want to make sure you find a quality product, at a great price, and you can’t go wrong. So check go through our reviews of the best living room tables for 2018.  If you don’t have time to read the entire site, we want you to know that our pick for best living room\coffee table is the Niangua Furniture Live Edge Rustic Coffee Table.

Our top 3 picks for The Best Living room tables for 2018

Niangua Furniture Live Edge Rustic Coffee Table
Material: Hickory wood, Cooper Metal Legs
Dimensions: 23 W x 18 H x 48 L inches
Item Weight: 75 pounds
Money Back Guarantee: Yes
Alaterre Sonoma Rustic Natural Coffee Table
Material: Glass, European Hardwood Legs
Dimensions: 51.2 W x 15.75 H x 35.8 D inches
Item Weight: 100 pounds
Money Back Guarantee: Yes
LeisureMod Imperial Glass Top Triangle
Material: Glass, European Hardwood Legs
Dimensions: 51.2 W x 15.75 H x 35.8 D inches
Item Weight: 100 pounds
Money Back Guarantee: Yes

The best living room tables for 2018 runners up

Home Styles 5133-21 Concrete Chic Square
Material: Concrete, Hardwood Legs
Dimensions: 36 W x 18 H x 36 L inches
Item Weight: 94 pounds
Money Back Guarantee: Yes
Coavas Modern Industrial Soild Wood Metal Table
Material: Wood and metal, no legs
Dimensions: 23.6 W x 16.7 H x 47.3 L inches
Item Weight: 62.2 pounds
Money Back Guarantee: Yes
Frandelli Rectangular Cocktail Table
Material: Tempered glass with stacked metal bars, no legs
Dimensions: 24 W x 17.13 H x 48 L inches
Item Weight: 56 pounds
Money Back Guarantee: Yes

Our reviews for the best living room tables/coffee tables


This coffee table is the standout from all our living room tables that we reviewed in 2018.  Not only is this coffee table gorgeous it’s shelf adds both function and refinement.  The Hickory shelf can both be easily inserted or removed to add a lot more storage or functional space.  The attention to detail by the craftsman of this table will make you want to gasp as you open the box.

Here is a little bit of how each table is made.  Each table is unique as Hickory slabs are cut from the Ozark forests of Missouri to give each living room table a different unique look. From the time the tree is cut the wood requires special handling. The wood is processed and then is Kiln dried before the Ozark craftsmen start their work.  The thickness of the slabs begins at about 2 inches and the craftsman carve their way to around 1 ¾ inches thick.  The craftsman also leave the live edge of the slab leaving a natural and elegant piece of furniture for you to enjoy for a long time.

The legs of the table or made from ¾ inch cooper pipe that are torched together with ½ inch diagonal cooper struts. The copper fittings are then secured with cotter pins through the cooper pipe and fittings creating an solid and easy to assemble base to your beautiful living room table.

The Niangua Furniture Live Edge Rustic Coffee Table in our opinion would make a great piece to almost any home.  Especially if your home décor is one of the following: country, industrial, coastal, and even mid-century.    With color variations, the grain striations, and knots you are guaranteed a unique and special piece of furniture all your own.

This living room table is solid and sturdy piece of furniture as it weighs just under 75 lbs.  We also think this coffee table is a perfect combination of rustic and contemporary with it’s hand treated wood table top and complementing cooper pipe legs.  You are sure to make your friends and family give plenty of compliments on your new coffee table.


  • Hard to find better price point for a real slab table
  • Unique as each slab of wood is different
  • Handcrafted
  • Bottom shelf for added storage or space
  • Live edge on Hickory slabs
  • Solid and sturdy
  • Very easy to assemble


  • Some customers received bends or dents in the cooper legs due to shipping
  • Can run out of stock quickly and sometimes can take a while to come back in stock


Alaterre Sonoma Rustic Natural Coffee Table

If you are into the rustic look then look no further then this beautiful piece of living room furniture.  This living room table is made of Asian reclaimed wood that wears it’s history proudly and is built to last.  Since this coffee table is made of reclaimed wood no two pieces will be exactly alike.  The variations and imperfections are part of the furniture’s character.

What’s great about this coffee table is that it’s available in three different sizes so you can choose the size that works best in your living space. There are also many other pieces that have the exact same style for easy matching options.  If you love the rustic look on this coffee table then you can easily find matching pieces to complete your living room furniture collection.  Here are some of the matching pieces we found that could give you a versatile, long lasting collection

The Rustic Natural Finish on this coffee table provides a warm, yet elegant home feeling.  This living room table features exquisite workmanship of solid reclaimed wood tops with metal legs that should last for years to come.  Also comes with a bottom shelf to add more storage or functional space.  We can comfortably say that this table is a neat, efficient, versatile and sturdy piece of furniture that will help organize any space small or large.

So if you are looking for a rustic imperfect coffee table then this is the one!  The Alaterre Sonoma Rustic Natural Coffee Table is a solid table with a ton of character. It is perfect for a modern house by bringing a touch of urban farm house appeal. The Knots, cracks and variations in the reclaimed wood are all a part of the history of this beautiful living room table.  With it’s reclaimed wood top and shelf (with intentional imperfections) combined with black semi-gloss finish square metal frame you are sure to love this table for many years to come.


  • Heavy should be long lasting quality piece of furniture
  • Each piece has it’s own unique look
  • Comes in 3 different sizes (27”, 42”, 48”)
  • Has matching pieces to easily complete your living room look
  • Provide tools needed to assemble


  • Since reclaimed wood is used the top can be not completely flush
  • Since reclaimed wood is used boards can be uneven
  • Can be smell that lasts for several hours after opening the box

LeisureMod Imperial Glass Top Triangle

Our next living room table piece is literally a piece of art.  This coffee table is a replica of Sculptor Isamu Noguchi table.  Isamu Noguchi created his distinctive table by joining a curved, wood base with a freeform glass top.  This combination of sculptural form and everyday function has made the Noguchi table a timeless classic element in homes and offices since its introduction in 1948.

This perfect Noguchi table replication consists of three basic parts.  A beautiful thick glass top and two interlocking wood base pieces in a variety of finishes (Black, Cherry, Dark Walnut, Natural Wood, White).  The heavy glass rests on two curved solid wood legs that interlock to form a tripod for self-stabilizing support. This living room table is widely considered to be the perfect combination of sculptural style and practical function. This replica of the Noguchi Style Table will uphold a variety of objects in a professional reception area or in the home. This exceptional reproduction is made from the highest quality materials and workmanship to provide you with countless years of enjoyment.

Only quality materials were used in constructing this timeless coffee table. The top of this coffee table is made of tempered glass 3/4-inch thick with a square honed edge.  The glass is very heavy and has a very easy to clean surface.  The base on this modern living room table consists of two interlocking solid European hardwood frame pieces.  The paint on the European hardwood is hand applied to ensure the best quality.  Also the color of the paint is translucent so the grain is able to show through the stain.  Also the wood on the base has had 5 coats of Ultra Violet Light cured poly-urethane applied for a glass like finish.  This makes the wood highly scratch resistant with a shine that should never need waxing.

Our final take is this is this is a one of a kind coffee table which is a copy of a famous mid century modern classic piece the Noguchi.  Many people have admitted it is very hard to distinguish from the “authentic” Noguchi and this piece is the best combination of quality and price.  If you are into the modern look then you can’t do much better unless you pay a lot more money.


  • Extremely high quality heavy glass
  • Noguchi replica with the best combo of quality and price
  • Variety of colored bases to choose from (Black, Cherry, Dark Walnut, Natural Wood, White).
  • Comes packaged well from manufacturer (comes in a crate)
  • Easy to assemble if done right


  • Comes with no assembly instructions and then ones that do come with instructions are terrible
  • If base not setup right could be a little unstable. Best to go to original piece manufacturers website to get the assembly instructions
  • Could be dangerous around young children




If you spend a lot of time in the living room area, antique or contemporary coffee tables might be right up your alley, depending on the style of your home. These are great not only for storing additional home decor and accessories, but it can be a terrific way to display your favorite pictures, home decor, or other cherished items. Also, a side table can be a very versatile piece of furniture. It doesn’t take up too much space, and provides another venue for storage, and displaying your favorite articles, like picture frames or dishes. It can also easily be used for drink placement when you are entertaining.

Lastly, if you’re looking for a great piece of furniture for the family area, living room tables are a great way to go. They are usually very sleek, and don’t take up a substantial amount of room, and come in a vast array of styles and designs. If your home is on the modern side, there are a lot of great urban styles that are sure to blend with your home. If you prefer the classic antique look, there are great rustic, traditional, or shabby chic styles that look great in any home. You can find discount buffet tables if you know where to look, especially if you look online. The great thing about these tables is that they typically don’t take up much floor space, and yet offer great counter or serving space while entertaining guests.